Phone: (318) 221-8733 Cell: (318) 564-3158 Email:Jameseakin@comcast.net Location: Shreveport, LA.

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I am available for actor / model portfolios, special events, studio and outdoor portraits, headshots, maternity, family, senior photos, product shots, and commercial photography. I am located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Note: I don't do photography for a living. I am retired and do photography because It is my "art" and I like working with friends and meeting new people. If you are interested in a photo shoot in my studio, call or send me an email. ----------

Studio headshot photo session includes a labeled CD with your best 10 to 15 images processed / PhotoShopped and ready to print. You can use the images to promote yourself, post on web sites, and send in e-mails. You can have the images printed at the place of your choice or print them yourself. I will also setup a gallery for viewing your best images on this web site. ----------

Model / Actor studio portfolio session includes the following:
• Three hour photo session in the studio (call for info on outdoor sessions).
• Unlimited clothing changes
• I will pick the best shots from each of the clothing changes and will edit them in PhotoShop (apx. 25 to 50 images).
• The best images will be available for review in a gallery on this web site.
• You get a labeled CD with all the images in your gallery,
• You can use the images to promote yourself, post on web sites, and send in e-mails. You can also have the images printed at the place of your choice or print them yourself.
• If you would like, you can order prints from this web site including printed coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc. ----------

For maternity, family, and seniors - call for custom sessions to meet your needs. ----------

• In most cases, you provide hair / makeup and clothes for the photo session
(feel free to bring a friend or MUA to help you).
• The photographer retains © copyright on the images. ----------

TFCD will be considered for models. If you have a creative idea for a photo shoot, give me a call or e-mail. If possible, send me an e-mail with a photo or a link to your photo. ----------

© 2013 Eakin Photography ----------

Testimonial :
James Eakin is one of the most talented and visionary photographers that we have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with. His level of professionalism and non-conventional approach to stunning imagery speaks volumes for itself. It is represented time and time again through his images. We have had countless creations come to life through the lens of his camera. The word “typical” is not ever attached to any image he produces. James’s hunger to create the extraordinary... astounds us! Time and time again we have presented him with concept after concept, pushing the artistic bar to a whole new level and he has embraced that artistic path, never wavering to take on the challenge. He is the exclusive photographer that we have chosen to bring our concepts to with full confidence that the final images will showcase our vision, unparalleled. To find a photographer that is ready to take his craft to a whole new level with every shoot allows us to evolve as models right in front of his lens, one frame at a time. Thank you James for creating a wonderful, professional, constantly evolving environment that has enabled us to tell our stories a picture at a time. Cheers to you mate and here’s to years of further growth both photographically and conceptually.
-Ren Heeralal & Tiffanie Chosa ----------

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